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When deciding which Canadian school is the best option for your child you need to consider a range of factors including, your vision for your child’s future, your location and your budget. Canada offers a wide range of school options for all children with different interests, talents and learning styles.


Public Schools

The standards of Canadian public schools are set by the provincial ministries of education. The objective is to bring all children to the same standard.

Residents of Canada do not pay for public education. International student annual fees are around $16,000, but that may differ slightly at different school boards. All public schools are day schools. International students who want to go to a public school would have a homestay option, where they stay with a host family.

FutureBright Canada helps families arrange homestay host families for these students attending Canadian public schools.


Private & Independent Day Schools

Private and independent Canadian schools offer more choice, opportunity and support for success than public schools.

Private and independent schools vary in terms of mission, level of education, resources, university guidance, facility and tuition fees. Some are commercial, meaning they are owned by a business, but independent schools are run by non-profit charities.

All non-public schools are bound to apply the provincial standard set by the ministry but they each have a different set of values and invite students who would be a good fit. They might have traditional, progressive or rigorous approaches. Annual fees range between $15,000-$38,000.


Private & Independent Boarding Schools

All boarding schools also offer day school options, but not all day schools offer boarding.

Boarding schools offer comprehensive programs that extend beyond school hours. Some of the top Canadian boarding schools offer lots of extra-curricular activities, tutoring for homework and exam preps, school trips, weekend programs and much more all included in the fee.

Boarding schools are great for building confidence, independence, develop leadership skills and build social skills. Annual boarding school fees in Canada range from $40,000 to $72,000.

Branksome Hall - Canada

Branksome Hall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Appleby College, Canada

Appleby College, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Bishop Strachan School, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Bishop Strachan School, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Lakefield College School, Ontario, Canada

Lakefield College School, Ontario, Canada