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FutureBright Canada Services

We offer a full range of Educational Consulting Services to help families find the best Canadian school for their children. Our student first approach starts with understanding your child’s unique profile including their educational background as well as your families needs and values.  We craft a list of school recommendations specifically tailored for your child. Next, we schedule school visits and shortlist schools. We work with parents on the application process including interview preparation and private tutoring.  Finally, we help you choose the school which is the best fit for your child.

Student Needs First

The most important step before giving school-choice advice customized to your child’s unique traits, we study your child’s profile (personality, academic potential, special needs, challenges, sociability, struggles, learning interests, extra curricular, volunteering experiences, university goals and preparation etc..)

Review Educational Background

Report cards, test scores/achievements: We review the report cards word by word to see both academic and behavioural strengths and development areas through the lens of admissions

Family Needs & Values

It’s not selfish to consider family’s priorities such as proximity to school, tuition fees you can afford, family values.

School Recommendations List

We prepare a school recommendations list that fits your child and family needs and expectations. We explain each school’s mission and values, curriculum, athletic and arts programs, extracurriculars that would be relevant to your child.

School Visits

We help you schedule school visits (Open House dates or school tours) where you can experience the school with your child and ask your questions to admission officers.

Short-listing Schools

After carefully reviewing your child’s profile we work with you to set a shortlist of schools to which you will apply. It’s important to apply to more than one school in order to secure acceptance.

School Application Process

We help you with the forms, essay writing and required documents

School Interview Preparation

We prepare the parents and the student for the interview.

Private Tutoring

Some schools require tests such as SSAT or TOEFL (for international applicants) for certain grades. We provide you with expert tutors who prepare your child for these tests.

Choosing the Right School

Of course, the final decision comes down to the parents and the child, but we’re there to help you with your questions to make the best pick for your child. 

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